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What’s in Your Trunk

July 15, 2012

As a member of the Paulding County Writers Guild, we are often given writing prompts. The head of our order, Mr. Dana Freeman who is both wise and powerful, e-mailed us this story, and asked us to finish it. He told us there were at least eight possible scenarios.
After reading it. Please choose from the list below. The first person who guesses the correct one will get a FREE BOOK – Stranger in the Pulpit (Soft Cover).

You’re a teenage girl and you rent a car to drive to Florida — your car is in the shop having the rear fender repaired. You arrive back home and drop off the rental. Problem is, you are so exhausted, you forget to remove $2,000 worth of clothes and merchandise from the rental when your mom picks you up. When you get home, you realize you forgot all your stuff in the trunk of the rental. You call the rental-car place only to find it’s closed. The next day, you contact the rental-car place and they tell you they rented the car out. They’ll call you when it comes back. You get a call the next day: the car is back. You drive to the rental-car place; one of the employees opens the trunk.

The eight possibilities are;

1. All of your merchandise is in the trunk.
2. None of your merchandise is in the trunk.
3. Some of your merchandise is in the trunk.
4. The trunk is empty.
5. The trunk is empty but a black cat jumps out wearing….
6. The trunk is empty with the exception of a note thanking you for the cloths. Their cloths were lost in-route and yours fit the new owner perfectly.
7. The trunk is empty with the exception of a note instructing you to come to a certain location to pick up your merchandise.
8. The trunk is not empty…there is a dead body in the trunk and it is wearing the clothes you purchased.

Tom Clancy says, “You can’t make this stuff up.”

The answer will be revealed next Saturday night. Vote and pass it along.


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